Restaurant chairs

The thing about restaurant chairs, office chairs, and bar and kitchen stools is that they tend to work a lot harder and for much longer hours than the average sitting room chair or sofa.  As a general rule, sitting room chairs work for a few hours in the evenings and on weekends and are usually sat on by the same people.

By contrast, restaurant chairs have intense, extended periods of accommodating all sorts and shapes of people. Office chairs work a minimum of 40 hours a week, often in highly stressed situations. And bar stools, well, they really take a beating.


So, these chairs have to be comfortable as well as hard-wearing – and stylish. They have to add to the ambience of a restaurant, the ergonomics and energy of an office, and the entertainment value of a bar.

For designers and manufacturers, such chairs are some of their toughest but also most interesting challenges. The innovation needed at both an engineering and artistic level is of an extremely high order.

And, the people who buy such chairs are extremely discerning because they see them as an investment in their business and an asset for the business.

Which is why we stock one of the largest ranges of such chairs in South Africa. We source them from some of the most innovative manufacturers in this country and the rest of the world. Manufacturers who have been around for decades and supply some of the world’s top businesses.

If you’d like to see our complete range, please come into our showroom (see map) or call or email us for a brochure. If you’d like to discuss colour, materials, or any other aspect of the furniture in relation to your specific needs, we have a team of experienced consultants standing by to help you. We can deliver anywhere in the country.

We know our products inside out. We understand what a business needs from such products. We’re, therefore, ideally positioned to source and supply you with the perfect chairs for your needs.

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