Door knobs

The styles and types of door knobs and handles are limited only by the imaginations of designers and manufacturers. So there’s an immense amount of creativity that goes into the way handles and knobs look and feel as well as a high level of industrial design to make sure that they work properly.

Yet, we take them very much for granted – until it’s our turn to buy them! Then the hunt is on to find a comprehensive enough range from which to choose the ones that suit us, the doors and drawers they need to open and close, the room decor of which they’ll be an integral part, and the type and amount of work they’ll have to do.Door knobs

With all these factors to take into account, choosing a door knob or cabinet handle isn’t quite as simple as it first seems!

We have one of the biggest selections of local and imported knobs and handles in South Africa. We back that up by also having the most experienced and knowledgeable sales people and consultants to help ensure that you will be happy with the choices you make for as long as the handles live and work with you.

The pictures on this page will give you an idea of just how rich your choices are. If you want even more options, please visit our showroom (see map), or phone or email us for a brochure. We can deliver our products anywhere in the country. We also have a full range of matching tools, screws, and other accessories with which you can make your door handles an elegant addition to your lifestyle.

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