Door hinges

Each type of door or cupboard hinge does a specific job. So, you have to make sure the ones you buy are fit for purpose. For instance, you don’t want a door to sag because the hinges are too small or made from inappropriate material. But it’s not necessarily obvious from the hinge itself whether it will work in the way you need it to. Which is why our staff is trained to help you make the right choice of hinge for the work it has to do.

Also, although you occasionally need concealed hinges, most hinges are visible. So, you need to give some thought to the style of the hinge and the way it will affect the ambiance of the living or working space in which it must function.Door-hinges

Brass hinges look more traditional than steel ones, but will they fit in with the décor of an ultra-modern office, for instance? Will ornate hinges on a cupboard make the cupboard dominate the room?

The Buzz Cabinet Hardware team has years of experience in matching design to function, and design to interior decor. They can help you choose the colour, material, texture, size, and function that will ensure your hinges do the best possible job for you at every level.

And, if you’re looking for screws, assembly devices, fittings and other accessories, we’ve got everything to match each hinge – as well as drawer glides, pull out and lift systems, and any other kind of bathware, kitchen, and restaurant furniture you might need.

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